SHAMPOOTHIE /sham’poo-thie/ Noun.

1) starts with 100% pure aloe juice and coconut water. [NO water added]

2) yogurt infused creamy [sulfate free] surfactant.

3) cold pressed natural ingredients. cold blended for nutrient rich assurance.

Give your hair what it's thirsty for

Cold pressed cold blended beauty

better ingredients = better benefits

What you use

What’s the first ingredient listed on the back of your current shampoo?

Shampoos and conditioners start with up to 65% chemically treated city tap water. Ingredients are then processed under extreme heat for up to 3 hours…depleting the nutrient content/benefits by up to 70%. Rendering them ineffective.

What we use

Give your hair what it's thirsty for. Cold blended for nutrient rich assurance.

RealRaw is not a shampoo it’s a SHAMPOOTHIE. We start with 100% pure aloe juice and coconut water, then use cold pressed natural ingredients and ColdFusion blending for nutrient assurance. Finally we supercharge it with 7 high-performance electrolytes for total hair hydration. 


Pure Aloe Juice + Coconut Water


Hydrating Electrolytes


Sulfate or Parabens

Experience the Shampoothie Difference

Starts with

Coconut Water

Supercharged with 7 electrolytes

It Continues With

Aloe Juice

Weightless Hydration

We pair with

Cold Pressed
Exotic Oils

Nutrient Rich Moisture

We add

Plant Proteins

Repairs & Strengthens

We infuse

Vitamins & Antioxidants

Reduces Color Fade and Repairs


ColdFusion Blending

For Nutrient Rich Assurance