Argan Oil Miracle Shampoothie

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Heal+ Repair Shampoo

An opulent blend of Moroccan argan oil and silk proteins hydrate hair to soft, silky perfection.

Begins with 100% pure aloe juice and coconut water supercharged with 7 high-performance electrolytes. Blended with yogurt, Argan Oil, Silk proteins then cold blended for nutrient rich assurance. Infuses dry hair with essential healing nutrients, improving moisture, strength and elasticity. Transforming hair leaving it moisturized and full of soft, silky perfection.
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4 reviews for Argan Oil Miracle Shampoothie

  1. Min

    This stuff is amazing !! I have never once used a shampoo that has made my hair feel healthier with each washing and I have tried a LOT of shampoos ( just ask my husband who rolls his eyes each time a new bottle comes in the house ) . I have oily roots , dry ends , colored every few months , slightly wavy fine hair that likes to frizz . This stuff has made my hair softer , shinier , less frizz , my waves are more defined , and it smells great !!! Also , I should mention that I have a very sensitive scalp ( hence the never ending hunt for shampoo ) and though I have only used this shampoo with the matching conditioner for a week , my scalp is happy !!! Hopefully it will be available in more stores than just Target and Walgreens .

  2. Megan M Harig

    I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! I have tried many many brands. I was concerned at first because the shampoo and conditioner feel very heavy in your hand so I expected them to feel heavy in my hair but I had the exact opposite experience. My hair feels light and soft. It smells great also! I have very naturally curly hair and I’ve struggled to find something that works, until now!

  3. Jasmine Linscott

    This shampoo works miracles! I originally tried this shampoo because it smells exactly like the expensive brand, but once I tried it my hair instantly felt and looked healthier. I have naturally thick, curly hair, and with this, I don’t have to touch the straightener nearly as much. Highly recommend!

  4. Maria Castillo

    I’ve had a severe dermatitis for quite a bit And no matter what brand I use or how expensive the shampoo is I haven’t been able to find any shampoo that helps with it until now! This stuff is AMAZING! I was so scared when I went to Target today and didn’t find it! My hair is healthier and smoother than ever! I use the argan oil one and Scalp feels healthy and my hair is amazing!!!! BIG FAN!

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