Argan Oil Miracle Smoothie

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Heal+ Repair Conditioner

An opulent blend of Moroccan argan oil and silk proteins hydrate hair to soft, silky perfection.

Begins with 100% pure aloe juice and coconut water supercharged with 7 high-performance electrolytes. Blended with yogurt, Argan Oil, Silk proteins then cold blended for nutrient rich assurance. Infuses dry hair with essential healing nutrients, improving moisture, strength and elasticity. Transforming hair leaving it moisturized and full of soft, silky perfection.
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7 reviews for Argan Oil Miracle Smoothie

  1. Brittany

    Hi there! I purchased this new SHAMPOOTHIE and SMOOTHIE at Walgreens because the marketing/brand caught my attention (I’m a marketer myself, so I appreciate the packaging, name, etc.). It also sounded interesting with all the natural ingredients, so I figured I’d give it a try. OMG. Using these products, especially this Smoothie,
    FEELS LIKE HEAVEN! It’s super silky, thick, creamy, smooth and smells very nice. Feels great during use and leaves hair really silky and soft after use. Very impressed that the product lived up to the super cute branding! 🙂 I also hope using these natural ingredients will benefit my hair for the long run. Try it!

  2. Min

    This conditioner is like a little slice of heaven for your hair !!! Leaves my hair soft and smells great , with much less frizz . I was worried about using a shampoo and conditioner with ” oil ” in it as I have oily roots and dry ends but this stuff has made my fine , colored , frizzy hair feel soooo much better in only a week !!! I’m hoping these results continue , because if they do I have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that I can stick with , and my husband will be so much happier without me constantly buying different shampoos trying to find THE ONE . Another plus is this stuff is reasonably priced , no breaking the piggy bank 🙂

  3. Mia

    I bought it because it was on sale at target and omg I want to try all their other products! I am in shock how it actually makes my hair so soft and silky!! I am definitely going to go back to buy the shampoothie.

  4. Kathy

    Have had good results with argan products in the past but this completely dried out my scalp. The first use my head was a little itchy and now, a week later, I have patches of skin flaking off my scalp. Never had dandruff before in my life! Would love to get my money back.

  5. Wanda Berrios

    El producto es Perfecto. Me encanto. Bien manejable

  6. Christine Velasquez

    Today was my first day using this brand. I was in the shampoo isle an hour (literally) checking ingredients, checking bottles side-by-side. This company caught my attention because of its ingredients, and to be honest, the bottle shape had me too. I’m a sucker for sleek packaging. Anyway, the Hemp shampoo and the Argan oil were my choices for my hair type. The front (mid) scalp area has been really dry these last few weeks. I am IMPRESSED by how my hair feels after my first wash with this product. I will continue to use this and see how it feels, then review the shampoo… but as of today, I LOVE IT! I have my own vegan small business so I hope this review isn’t taken lightly. I really think the $10 was worth it and my hair smells amazing. Ps The conditioner is thick and didn’t leave oil residue in my hair! I’m sold.

  7. Suzanne N Ledford

    I can’t stress the miracle part enough!! My hair was awful from our hard water.. And I’ve spent a fortune trying to fix it! I have naturally curly hair that just turned to straight Frizz and breakage.

    My hair is soft and healthy again! This stuff is far better than anything I’ve bought in a salon for a lot more money!

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