Coconut Curls Shampoothie

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Quench + Defrizz Shampoo

A quenching blend of coconut oil and manuka honey soften hydrate and defrizz curls

Begins with pure aloe juice and coconut water supercharged with 7 high-performance electrolytes. Blended with yogurt, coconut oil, and curl defining manuka honey, then cold blended for nutrient rich assurance. Nourishes dry parched curls with essential nutrients, improving moisture, texture and elasticity. Transforming curls into soft, bouncy, frizz free silky perfection.
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5 reviews for Coconut Curls Shampoothie

  1. Nemi

    My curls instantly bounce after 1 use. And hair is so soft.

  2. Diane

    As also a product junkie looking fir something healthy & good for my hair that truly works… THIS IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE THE INGREDIENTS & THE GREAT CONDITION IT’S GIVEN MY NATURAL CURLS THAT HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN!!!! AND THE SMELL IS PHENOMENAL!!!!! 💗

  3. Sienna

    Got these after using some pretty damaging products from another curl company and I DO NOT REGRET ANYTHING! My scalp and hair looked liked it had been fried 1,000 times and after one use of these amazing products, BOOM! My hair looked unrealistic. My curls have never looked, felt and smelled so amazing. Never using anything other than these products again! Thank you for making my hair healthy ❤️

  4. Shelby M Mustain

    I was trying to find an amazing shampoo/conditioner duo that followed the curly girl method for my slightly wavy hair. I used this ONCE (I cannot stress that enough), and the next day my hair had amazing beach waves, smelled absolutely amazing, and it was baby soft and voluminous. For an added bonus, the smell of it in my hair as it is air drying is very calming and helps me sleep. This stuff is GOLD

  5. katherine

    I just bought this shampoo today havent used it yet but will later I cant wait it smells amazing !!!!!!

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