Collagen Plump Smoothie

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Bodyful + Thickness Conditioner

Plumping collagen instantly boosts body, thickness and life into weak fine brittle hair.

Begins with pure aloe juice and coconut water supercharged with 7 high-performance electrolytes. Blended with yogurt, plumping collagen , and proteins then cold blended for nutrient rich assurance. Infuses dry hair with full-body root to ends with essential nutrients improving moisture, balance, and elasticity. Transforming hair leaving it full of body bounce and volume.

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1 review for Collagen Plump Smoothie

  1. Tia

    My natural hair was always thick, wavy, and frizzy (which I learned to tame). Due to multiple bleachings, colorings, and tonings my hair was whittled down to shreds of thin, dry, straight, lifeless pieces. This shampoo and conditioner is wonderful. I was visiting family during Christmas and bought it on a whim at Walgreens since I didn’t pack any toiletries. I’m so glad I did! After one wash, my hair had better texture and felt so hydrated. After a few more washes my hair was thicker and looked shinier! I noticed my ponytail was starting to feel thick again. The conditioner is great on its own too. This shampoo and conditioner was the answer to my hair prayers!! Going forward I can’t see myself using anything else.

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