Hemp Re-Charge Shampoothie

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Re-Hydrate Shampoo

A potent blend of nutrient rich hemp oil hydrates dry hair with omega 3 phyto-lipids & silk amino acids.

Begins with pure aloe juice and coconut water supercharged with 7 high-performance electrolytes. Blended with yogurt, cold pressed (sativa) hemp oil , then cold blended for nutrient rich assurance. Infuses dry hair and scalp with essential Omega 3 antioxidants and nutrients improving moisture, balance, and PH. Transforming hair and scalp leaving it moisturized and full of soft touchable, silky perfection.

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2 reviews for Hemp Re-Charge Shampoothie

  1. Liz

    Couldn’t be more please with this shampoo. I have try so many product for my dry scalp and this has made a difference in one day try. I love it and I am glad I could find it in my near drug store.

  2. Lauryn fassler

    I love what this shampoo and conditioner does for my hair! It feels precessional without the outrageous price! Absolutely love this brand!

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